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Information to the legislative decree n. 196 on the protection of data privacy from the 30th of June 2003

Obligation to observe confidentiality
Thomas Corey takes the obligation of data protection very seriously, indeed. We strictly obey to the law of data privacy protection. All personal data collected through our website www.thomascorey.com is for technical use only. None of the collected data will be sold or, for whatever reason, be shared with a third party.

The following explains how we guarantee the protection of your personal data and the use of the data collected.

Data processing on this website
Our server asks and automatically saves your server log files information, which your server transmits to us. This information consists of:

- browser type and version
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- date and time of server inquiry
Thomas Corey cannot allot this data to a specific person. No combination with other data sources will be done. After a statistical evaluation all data is being erased.

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Cookies provide a way to track individual users’ usage of a website. The ability to identify a specific user opens the possibility of having your website deliver content customised to individual users’ interests and needs.
Cookies do not contain executable code and therefore do not provide a potential point of entry into users’ computers for viruses, Trojan horses or other malicious software.

Right of access to personal data
We can assure you to be readily available for any questions you may have regarding the handling of your personal data. If you wish to have further information about the privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us: works(at)thomascorey.com


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La Verzura

103 x 103 cm
oil on two layers of Plexiglas

light off


La Verzura

103 x 103 cm
oil on two layers of Plexiglas

light on

Thomas Corey

La Verzura

103 x 103 cm
oil on two layers of Plexiglas

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